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Friday, 28 September 2012

About Noida Greater Noida Noida Extension Noida Noida Information

Noida or New Okhla Industrial Development Area as it is commonly known as lies in the NCR or the National Capital region. It is regarded as an industrial township that is largest in Asia.

Noida Facts

Do you know what Noida actually stands for? The word actually means New Okhla Industrial Development Authority. This is an area that is still under management. It came into existence in the year 1976, April 17th. As a result of which this day came to be known as the “Noida Day”. The city for a long time was under the UP Industrial Area Development Act. The city also harbors the famous Noida Film City. There are lots of interesting facts to know and discover about Noida.

The city is a well maintained city that ranks 17th when it comes to cleanliness in India. With its present day living standards and amenities it has even left behind Faridabad and Gurgaon.

Noida Malls

If you love shopping and are visiting Noida then you would enjoy the shopping malls that are there. You will get all sorts fashionable products here. Be it garments or other consumer goods you have a host of choices to pick up from. Some of the well known malls are listed below:-
  • Spice Mall Sector-25
  • The DLF Town Square Sector-18(Coming soon)
  • Shopprix Mall Sector-61
  • Centre Stage Mall(CSM) Sector-18
  • The Great India Place(TGIP) Sector-38A

Noida Premier Schools

Noida over the past few have developed a lot in terms of education and academics.  Schools are much more evolved with new the age syllabus. Even the teachers and professors are well equipped than before. They are much more aware in child psychology. The names of the prominent schools are given below:-
  • Step By Step School ,(Sector - 132)
  • Army Public School, (Sector-37)
  • Ryan International School, (Sector-39)
  • Apeejay School , (Sector-16)
  • Dav public school , ( Sector-56)
  • Somerville School , (Sector-22)
  • Amity International School  ,(Sector - 44)
  • Delhi Public School , (Sector-30)

Noida Colleges

If you want to relocate to Noida for academic purposes you even have options for that. Higher and advanced studies have lot of scopes these days. You can study your masters and post graduations in Noida. Given below are some of the names of the popular colleges in Noida.
  • Mahatma Gandhi Mission College Of Engineering And Technology, Sector-62
  • J.S.S. academy of technical education ,Sector-62
  • Jaypee Institute of Information Technology ,Sector-62
  • Amity University ,Sector-125

Noida Hospitals

Medical facilities and public health services have also evolved over the years in Noida. The hospitals have all the new age technologies to serve modern health problems. You have esteemed doctors and physicians who guide you well. If you want to know about Noida hospitals then you can refer to the named below:-

  • Vinayak Hospital - Sector-27
  • Fortis Hospital - Sector 62
  • Noida Medicare Center(NMC) - Sector-30
  • Kailash Hospital - Sector 27
  • Apollo Hospital - Sector 26
  • Metro Hospital - Sector 11
  • Max Hospital - Sector 19

Noida Amusement Parks

Exploring Noida is going to be fun whether you are with family or spouse. There are also amusement parks to travel. One of the most prominent names is the “World of Wonder”. The park has got 19 rides and several other attractions to explore.
Apart from all these transportation in Noida too is well developed. You will not face difficulty in commuting. These would be some of the important facts about Noida.

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